Learning how to save seeds gives you a nearly continuous supply of seeds that are adapted to your area at little or no cost.

Great money saving idea to regrow food in water. Perfect if you don't have room for a garden & are trying to save a few bucks! :: DontWastetheCrumbs.com

I often think about how wonderful it would be to garden without the worries of little critters like rabbits nibbling on my lettuce and carrots, hornworms chomping away on tomato leaves, squash bugs devouring my squash, and all the other little pests that find my garden delicious. It doesn't matter how much I think about how nice it would be to avoid these little creatures because they won't just go away without a little action on my part. That is where this simple and easy all natural garden pest control spray comes in handy.

Plant these veggies once and you can pluck, snip and tear nutrient rich food off all season while your veggies grow back even stronger.

Mint has a bad reputation for taking over the garden, for good reason. But, there are many reasons to grow mint in your backyard without fear!

Along with green onions, garlic is one of the best health-friendly plants you can grow at home. It is super-easy and super-cheap. You may not like its taste and odor, but eating a whole garlic bulb a day works miracles for your body. Garlic is a simple food that has strong healing properties. Garlic is […]

This collection of gardening and landscaping handy hints will give you effective new techniques to get the beautiful garden and backyard you’ve always wanted.

Beginner or a guru growing vegetables, make mistakes. It's important to learn and move on. Here's a list of 8 mistakes NOT to make [LEARN MORE]

Packed with assorted nutrients this citrus fruit is renowned for its cosmetic and health benefits. With little home gardening you can start growing real lemon tree indoors. Next time when you squeeze lemon, don’t throw its seed. Instead use them to grow surplus lemons at your reach. With dark green leaves and yellow fruits indoor …

8 Things to Keep in Tomato Planting Hole to Grow Juicy and Sweet Tomatoes. Instead of rushing to a store, you can have a bumper harvest of tomatoes.

If you gave up on growing food because your garden is shady, you'll be pleased to know that there are more than 40 vegetables that grow in shade!

Wisteria is a breathtaking and decorative vine that grows rather vigorously. Learn how to plant and care for it so you can enjoy it in your own garden!