Medicinal herbs can help you fight anything from a cold to chronic headaches. We'll help you pick the best ones for your garden.

Herbs often have medicinal, relaxation, and culinary properties, and it is great if we can have them throughout the entire year in the home. In fact, we can! We will reveal a way to grow certain herbs in the kitchen and provide a pleasant flavor in it. What best about it all is that you […]

Before the snow comes I need to execute my plan to freeze fresh herbs that I have growing on my deck so I can cook with them all winter long.

Plant these herbs once and they'll come back every year meaning you can have an endless supply of nutritious and delicious fresh herbs all year long.

These vertical herb gardens make the most of small spaces, in the most stylish way! 3 simple DIY projects that prove you can grow an herb garden anywhere.

Learn how to make a DIY Herb Drying Rack, a surprisingly stylish and functional kitchen tool that you didn't know you needed.

Herb garden ideas – Herbs are usually believed of as a cookery addition to convert a tedious dish into an astounding meal. Though, plenty of herbs are simple to nurture, easy to preserve, and give numerous health assistance. Even if you stay in a flat or a place that does not derive a yard you ... Read more

An easy way to create a kitchen garden is to grow herbs in pots. Find an easy DIY project for novice gardeners in this tutorial.

The best thing about herbs is that some of them can be grown indoors in water for catering to your culinary requirements round the clock. They also rank high pretty high in the department of flavour just like the ones grown in the garden. You also don’t have to worry about watering it regularly or …

People have grown herbs for their culinary and healing properties for centuries. Today, herbs are as popular as ever! Cooks love the unique flavors they bring to all kinds of food and drink! Are you thinking of growing an herb garden? Why not learn how to make this DIY spiral herb garden! It is a bed design perfect for planting herbs or plants that have various growing conditions. Those that prefer dry environment could be put on top of the spiral while those who need moisture would go at the bottom. Strategically positioning your plants depending on cardinal direction would also

Calendula has herbal, medicinal, and culinary uses. It's easy to grow and makes a beautiful and useful companion plant. Learn about this beautiful herb!