60 Beautiful Succulent Ideas For Summer These trendy ideas would gain you amazing compliments. Check out our gallery for more ideas these are trendy this year.

Whether you’ve been a succulent guru for the past ten years or you just purchased your very first succulent plant,

Learn how to propagate succulents the quick and easy way. Our post has lots of helpful tips and tricks and a video tutorial to show you how.

Learn how to water succulents so that you can grow a healthy succulent garden! This easy guide will show you how and when to water your succulents!

We all love colorful succulents. Did you know the cause of those colors is usually succulent stress? More sun exposure, less water and a drop in temperature can lead to stressed succulents developing vivid coloring. Learn how succulents changing color is their response to stress, and how to help them.

x Sedeveria 'Lilac Mist' is an intergeneric hybrid that gets its name from the color, which is grayish-green with a lilac blush. Its curious...

Amazing diy indoor succulent garden ideas (24)

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Home indoors or outside decoration using totally distinct plant species is a typical watch nowadays. Extra and additional persons are realizing the benefits of distributing their own plants. Cactus and succulents are great examples of mythical flora for the majority of owners. Succulent is a time frame used to find advice from plants that maintain …